In January 2020, the Council Leader Councilor Jack hopkins visited Ash-Shahada Housing Association to meet with the Board and Senior Leadership Team to discuss strengthening ties and focusing on closer collaborative housing initiatives.

During the meeting, they also discussed the option for partnering on social activities that will build community cohesion in Lambeth. Cllr Hopkins congratulated Ash-shahada on the strides they had made and welcomed a partnership with the Housing Association.Saima Anwar, board member and treasurer, thanked Cllr Hopkins for visiting and said the future of Lambeth Council was bright under his leadership.

Cllr Jack Hopkins appreciated steps made by Ash-Shahada to support the green initiative through the “Interfaith Tree Planting” held following the tragic New Zealand attack. He said he was pleased to represent the Council and join hands with Lambeth leaders, residents, businesses and charities in creating life to commemorate those who lost their lives. He agreed with Mr Qureshi that 2020 should be a year of reconnection as only through collaboration could social issues such as housing be positively impacted.