The Board

Joseph Mbang – Acting – Chair

Joseph Mbang joined the as a full board member in 2018 and was elected as Co-Vice Chair. He Holds an LLM in International Commercial Law and is leading a charity that works with asylum seekers and refugees. Joseph has experience working Westminster City Council working on the assessment of homeless families. He has a keen interest in law, particularly human rights, European law and immigration.

Saima Anwar – Co-Vice Chair

Saima Anwar holds an MSc from London School of Economics and Political Science and is a member of the ACCA. She is a partner at a leading BAME accountancy firm and offers regular consultancy. Saima liaises with the auditors and the finance staff to keep oversight of the financial matters and risk assessments.

Ibrahim Sadikovic – Board Member

Ibrahim Sadikovic is a tenant board member and is currently in the publishing sector. He studied Oriental Philology and other courses in the Middle East and UK. He has vast experience in community development having raised awareness around the situation in the former Yugoslavia. As one of our oldest tenants, he has been a strong voice for the tenants in the decision making process, advising on maintenance and upkeep of our properties.

Pastor Prince Kamanda – Board Member

Prince Kamanda holds an MBA and has over 20 years of experience in Development and was recently ordained as a pastor. He has extensive knowledge and experience in site identification and project management. Prince Kamanda is also an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Business Consulting. He joined the board through the NHF ‘get on board scheme”. When Prince Kamanda isn’t managing projects of varying degrees, he likes to participate in hobbies such as watching football, following politics, religion and participating in intellectual debates. Prince Kamanda describes himself as determined, strong willed, focused, pro-active and a visionary.

Saad Mahmood Qureshi – Board Member

Saad Qureshi is a tenant board member and is currently UK Dean at SAE Institute, the world’s largest creative media education provider. He has vast experience in leading multi-campus and multi- disciplinary teams. A Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, he has designed over 20 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and his specialist expertise is in developing socially responsible graduates. Saad started off in the charitable sector and is a qualified youth worker and peer mentor striving to raise aspirations of disadvantaged youth and adults. He was an advisor to the government between 2008 and 2010. He is currently also a member of the Lambeth and Southwark Metropolitan Police Independent Advisory Group. He was conferred the Lambeth Civic Award in 2008 for services to the community. Saad sits on a number of boards and will support the strengthening of governance and give a voice to tenants in the decision making process.

Irfan Mohammed – Board Member

Irfan graduated from London Metropolitan University and is an elected councillor for the London Borough of Lambeth with a passion to tackle pressing social issues including housing, youth violence and hate crime. He is the business champion and the lead on tackling Islamophobia at the Council as well as being a member of the Standing Advisory Council for RE and the licensing committee. Irfan has been working closely with fellow councillors to support organisations to increase the housing stock by bridging the gap with the Local Authority. 

Irfan has a strong network in the community and has organised several events to promote interfaitharmony and community development. He has supported several events where Ash-Shahada has been a partner. He also has experience of running his own business and speaks three languages.


Yayha Bhata – Board Member

Yahya Bhata joined the board in 2019 and is an entrepreneur. For over two decades, he has been involved in the retail and publishing sectors. He has a keen eye for marketing material and can provide guidance towards internal and external material for stakeholders. Yahya has experience in events management, having arranged a variety of conferences and seminars with international scholars and guests.

A registered social landlord, providing housing in hostels, flats and houses in the Lambeth and Southwark areas. Ash-Shahada is a Muslim-led housing association the first of its kind to be established in the UK in 1989.
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