Our supported housing services and schemes combine two important factors: accommodation and support services. These support services are designed to meet the needs of specific groups, such as people with mental health difficulties, addiction issues, learning or physical disabilities, people at risk of domestic violence, ex-offenders and those at risk of homelessness.

Some schemes and services are designed for people who need support to live independently. Others are short-term and designed to help people acquire the emotional and practical skills needed to move on into more mainstream and long term housing.

The support given to people depends on their needs. It can include: 

  • Access to treatment services for alcohol, drug or health problems.
  • Help with getting benefits.
  • Developing independent living skills, such as budgeting and cooking.
  • Increasing physical and mental wellbeing, including the ability to cope in a crisis.
  • Encouragement to reconnect with family and friends, or develop new social networks.
  • Assistance in taking up education, training and employment opportunities.

Our support is outsourced to specialist organisations with experience in providing support to vulnerable people. Our providers are chosen carefully and include those with backgrounds in mental health, social care, teaching and more. 

The support offered by Ash-Shahada varies from tenant to tenant. We provide a tenant centred approach, starting with a detailed referral form leading to a support plan being co-created with the tenant to support their needs. 

We Offer a Full Housing Service


All our properties are offered to the London Boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark through our nominations agreement. We do however operate a hostel scheme for single people through referral agencies.


As landlords we take the responsibility to ensure all our tenanted properties are in a wind and weatherproof condition and that all appliances for hot water and space heating are in general good repair and a serviceable condition.

Appropriate Housing Options

We have housing in the London Boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark. We have 99 permanent dwellings in management in Lambeth and 21 in Southwark. We also have 51 bed spaces in two hostels.

Continuous Growth

Currently we have 121 general needs homes and 51 hostel bed spaces. In addition we have a number of developments in the pipeline, which will produce further dwellings.

A registered social landlord, providing housing through hostels, flats and houses in Lambeth, Southwark, Birmingham and Dudley. Ash-Shahada is a Muslim-led housing association the first of its kind to be established in the UK in 1989.

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