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Toaha Qureshi MBE - Chairman

Toaha Quershi MBE is CEO /Principal of London College of Business Management & Technology (LCBMIT), and Chairman of Stockwell Green Community Services (SGCS) and the Forum for International Relations Development (FIRD). He was conferred the Honor of MBE by her Majesty the Queen. He was recognized for his services to community relation’s development, international security, conflict resolution, employability enhancement and increasing participation in higher education. He holds The Lambeth Civic Award, Metropolitan Police Commendation Award, Star of Pakistan Award and British Community Award. Even after all his achievements, Toaha Quershi describes himself as an Academic, Philanthropist, Father and Committed husband and when not being recognized for his achievements he likes to read and frequent his local Snooker hall.


Mohammed Yaseen Khan - Vice Chairman

Mohammed Yaseen. Khan became the associations Treasurer in 2011. Mohammed Yaseen. Khan is a Self-Employed Business Man who holds a full membership to the Chartered Institute of Journalists UK. He was the overseas representative of a Delhi based news agency in the UK and also managed a catering company. Mohammed Yaseen. Khan describes himself as a friendly, dedicated, trustworthy and serious individual, with hobbies that include journalism and sports of all types.



Abraham Duncan-Williams - Treasurer

A Certified Chartered Accountant and FCCA, Abraham Duncan Williams has great analytical skills and has new and valued expertise. He has Board experience, being a member of the Odumtu Development Association, a charitable organisation which raises funds and equipments for Ghana to help and educate the underprivileged. Abraham Duncan Williams hobbies include reading financial journals, advice ethnic charitable societies on financial matters, watching football and playing table tennis.


Tahir Shahab Khan - Board Member

Tahir Shahab. Khan is a Barrister at Law (NP) and was called to the Bar in March 2001. He practices as a Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England & Wales and is a partner at Khans Solicitors. He has brought much needed and valued legal experience to the board.

Prince Kamanda- Board Member

Prince Kamanda holds an MBA and has over 20 years of experience in Development. He has extensive knowledge and experience in site identification and project management. Prince Kamanda is also an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Business Consulting. He joined the board through the NHF ‘get on board scheme”. When Prince Kamanda isn’t managing projects of varying degrees, he likes to participate in hobbies such as watching football, following politics, Religion and participating in intellectual debates. Prince Kamanda describes himself as determined, strong willed, focused, pro-active and a visionary.


Amar Hussain - Board Member

Amar Hussain has extensive knowledge in housing management practices and policy development. His experience is useful in reviewing performance management systems and service development and improvement plans.

Saima Anwar - Board Member

Saima Anwar holds and MSc Degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science and is a member of the ACCA. She is a Senior Auditor with a leading accountancy firm; Saima Anwar will be an asset to the board in helping us guide through our own financial matters and risk assessments. Saima Anwar enjoys reading financial journals, watching Cricket, playing Badminton and watching Movies.

Mohammed Abu-Bakr - Board Member

Mohammed Abu-Bakr was elected to the post of Chairman of the Board in 2006, after the Association was placed under the supervision of the Housing Corporation. He successfully guided the Association through this difficult time and since then; the Association has flourished under his leadership. Mohammed Abu-Bakr holds a master degree in Electronic Engineering and is an ex-Lambeth Councilor. Mohammed Abu-Bakr hobbies include Athletics, cricket and Reading

Who We Are

A registered social landlord, providing housing in hostels, flats and houses in the Lambeth and Southwark areas

Opening Times

09:00 - 17:00 Monday - Friday

Contact Us

Daily Times House, 43/45 Coldharbour Lane, Camberwell, London, SE5 9NR

Telephone: +44 (0)207 326 7890
FAX: +44 (0)207 326 7891
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